Premium Features

Trading technologies are now measured in nanoseconds. To shorten the time for photons to travel, one must shorten the distance. Datacenters were once a hidden secret for exchanges and liquidity providers. Now it is a must to be physically co-located in order to provide the best connectivity possible.

By providing clients with physical space in our cages, Pico can lower the total cost of ownership by allowing clients to grow and contract based on their business needs. Clients can now step into markets without acquiring a full rack or all of the associated long term risk affiliated with datacenter providers.

With strong delivery times Pico helps clients reduce their time to market, thus ensuring that fleeting trading opportunities are not missed.

Pico acquires the highest density racks in Pico private cages. Pico’s full time employees manage all the remote hands in our datacenters. These remote hands aren’t just smart but truly intelligent. Pico racks and stacks and cables your hardware. We provide all the necessary wiring and elevation diagrams so that you know exactly where your hardware lives and where it’s connected.