Low Latency Network

The house is only as good as the foundation.  The network is your foundation.  We take great pride in providing you with the fastest 10/40 GbE networking technologies in a transparent, resilient, and redundant configuration to create “Pico Net”.

Pico continues to deliver the lowest latency network available.  It is a fully transparent amalgamation of telco and switches.  People are often concerned with a micro in a gateway or a few micros within a feed handler.  They often do not consider the full round trip inclusive latency to and from their destination.  What advantage does the fastest feed handler provide if the data is a factor slower?  We look at latency holistically and often save 10’s if not 100’s of microseconds in the network by delivering a faster route or upgrading to a newer exchange handoff.

Some Of The Services We Provide:

Private dedicated VLAN segregation for your traffic
100% Arista network deploying the latest 7150S low latency switch at each data center
Multiple ways to access your equipment in Pico Net via VPN (site-to-site)
Dedicated and shared network/connectivity implementation
Advanced monitoring via Corvil
Radio Frequency/Microwave path available from DC3 Aurora to NY4 Secaucus