Market Data

To know the best market, you need the best data. We deliver the lowest latency raw market data to you straight from the source. We also do it in a way that saves you money by being Vendor of Record (VOR) for many exchanges. By partnering with the best market data normalization solutions, we can provide a menu of hardware, software, or totally managed ticker plant products that fit a variety of latency, product breadth, and price profiles.

Clean, gapless market data is essential in today's trading

The amount of data continues to rise and almost doubles year over year. As more traders demand multiple asset classes, the ability to get the right feeds with the right fees are paramount to your business. Pico’s market data department will facilitate those relationships while working very closely with our network operations team to get you connected as quickly as possible.

With over 140+ feeds on “Pico Net” we can get you any market data feed in any datacenter.