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Pico fuels the global capital markets community by providing exceptional market data services and customized managed infrastructure solutions. As financial industry experts at the center of markets and technology, we help our clients efficiently scale their business and quickly access markets. We are a trusted team of professionals who craft flexible technology solutions based on your business needs—whether you’re a global investment bank, hedge fund, asset manager, broker-dealer or exchange. From infrastructure to connectivity, we can support you through the full trading lifecycle. 

Network + Hosting + Expertise

The building blocks we leverage to create the infrastructure solution that’s right for you.

You’re only as good as your data. Get market data sourced directly from the venue’s lowest-latency and highest-bandwidth handoffs through PicoNet™, our private, proprietary network mesh that gives the electronic trading community powerful access to hundreds of liquidity sources, information providers, and counterparties.

Real-time to historical, raw to normalized, direct or synthetic
we offer a variety of data options to suit your needs.

No matter what type of data you need, it’s delivered over an ultra low-latency, fault-tolerant fiber optic network. PicoNet has been architected to be extremely flat, minimizing hops and latency wherever possible. Underpinned by leading switch provider, Arista, your data travels over the fastest path connections between on-net co-location sites.

PicoNet also facilitates fast access to leading hybrid cloud infrastructures. We are a conduit to leading cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services. Seamlessly, securely, and reliably move data in and out of your virtual footprint.

To identify and analyze events within your trading environment, Pico provides unique monitoring and reporting services. We utilize Corvil throughout our environment to help record, analyze and monitor your market data and order entry information.

North American Network Overview

New AMRS Network Map 7 19 2019

EMEA Network Overview

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We continually look to upgrade PicoNet by expanding our connectivity and bandwidth. 

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Location, location, location…being close to the source is key to moving data faster than your competition. Our private network links all key North American and European financial data centers. In fact, we have a presence in over 35 of them — allowing you to colocate your algos alongside the markets you trade. Our expansion plans continually evolve based on your needs.

Rapidly expand your infrastructure and solve integration challenges. We offer a variety of hosting options at data center space in premier locations near liquidity sources. Whether you want to save money with servers hosted in a shared environment or have your own secure dedicated space, each high-density cabinet is outfitted with premium top-of-rack setup. Cabinets in dedicated environments can be customized to your needs, including power density, top-of-rack design and security considerations.

Our technologists work with you to determine the equipment that’s right for your business. Get the makes, models, and specifications best suited to your latency needs, including the latest hardware available on the market. We can logically and physically build, configure, monitor, and manage your servers up to the operating system. Your footprint is closely managed by our responsive and dedicated Intellihands team.

Pico Data Center Presence

New 2019 Data Center Map Current Presence 07242019


At the heart of Pico, we are problem solvers. Our technical knowledge is specifically rooted in the electronic trading industry, so we can hit the ground running and work together with you to find the solution that’s just right for you and your business. We take the time to understand your specific challenges so we can ensure you only receive the services you need. We work as an extension of your own team, bringing fresh insight and perspective for cutting-edge solutions. We’re invested in the outcome and continue to deliver top-notch service after the job is done.